Custom Curing

Hubbard's Sausage Specialists

What sets us apart from all other shops is that we do lots of custom work when it comes to meat. At Voget Meats Inc, we understand how important it is to get the perfect cut of meat or the most delicious sausage, so we do everything in our power to make that happen for you at affordable prices.

Cutting and Wrapping

We do custom cutting and wrapping of pork. We sell sides of pork and cut it to order for you, double wrapped in white butcher paper in the old-fashioned way. Give us a call for current prices.

Sausage Making

Items made from wild game have been our specialty for years. Try our German-style game sausage, or the fully cooked summer sausage. We offer pepperoni-flavored snack sticks made from wild game as well. If you want custom beef and pork sausages, Voget Meats Inc can definitely do that for you too.

Curing and Smoking

All of the custom curing and smoking done in our shop is done through our old fashioned dry sugar cure. We can custom cure hams, bacon, and other cuts. You can find the same formula used on the specialty meats that we sell in our retail store. Stop by our shop and give our meats a try!
Get a custom cut of beef today: (503) 981-6271
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