Processed Wild Game Meat in Hubbard

If you're an avid fan of hunting but don't like to deal with the processing of meat afterwards or feel like you don't have good enough skills to do so, don't worry. All you have to do is bring your wild game animals to Voget Meats Inc and we can process it for you! Save yourself some time and get nicely packaged meat when you return to our store.

Attention to Detail

We know how important the game you bring to us is, which is why we'll always treat it with respect. We will closely follow the instructions you leave us and we will cut and package it for the freezer exactly to your specifications. You'll never have to worry about the meat you give us being processed badly.

Delicious Sausages

Have you never had wild game before? If you're feeling apprehensive about trying it, at least give our wild game sausages a try before you write it off completely. We promise that you'll fall in love with wild game sausages and crave it so much in the future that you'll make it a regular part of your diet. Voget Meats delivers on quality sausages!

Custom Curing

If you want to cure the meat you've hunted but have no means to, Voget Meats Inc can do that for you. With over 66 years of experience, we know how to smoke every type of meat in such a perfect way your mouth will be watering when you open up your package. We are your local experts when it comes to meat.


Voget's Smoked Bacon

Lean bacon, full flavored, mild, dry cured and processed with genuine hardwood smoke. The result is a breakfast treat which customers from miles around tell us just can't be beat. (each pound of sliced bacon includes a small piece of bacon rind, slab bacon sold “rind–on”) 

Price: Sliced $6.75/lb. Slab $6.00/lb. 

Voget's Smoked Ham

Well trimmed for leanness, then cured with Voget's own recipe and processed with genuine hardwood smoke. Bake these hams slow, in a 200 F oven and enjoy the aroma and flavor of a ham which has been winning regional and national awards since the early 1950's. Also available boneless.

Whole Ham $3.75/lb. (Average wt 16 lb.)
½ Ham - shank end $3.80/lb
½ Ham butt end, $3.90/lb
Boneless $6.05/lb. (Average wt. 11 lbs.) ½ or whole

Back Bacon 

Two pork loins (the same cut as Canadian-style bacon) carefully trimmed, cured with Voget's own recipe, and hardwood smoked, then laid back to back before smoking. Delicious as bacon, sandwich meat, or sliced thin for pizza.

Price: $6.75/lb. Sliced or chunk.

Smoked Pork Chops

Well trimmed pork loins, cured and smoked similar to Voget's Smoked Ham. Makes a tasty, quick and
easy meal as these flavorful chops require but a minimum of cooking.

End cuts (approx. 3 chops/lb.) $4.45/lb.
Center cuts (approx 4 chops/lb.) $5.35/lb.

Voget's Smoked Sausage

A combination of pork and beef, this tasty mild-seasoned sausage has just the right amount of garlic. A course-ground German style sausage that is perfect for breakfast or dinner. Requires a minimum of cooking.

Price: $ 5.15/lb.

Voget's Summer Sausage

Quality lean beef, not greasy. This is a mild-seasoned, flavorful, summer sausage made with Voget's own formula. Perfect for snacks, sandwiches, and hor d'oeuvres. This beef stick is fully cooked and ready to eat. Stuffed in four pound log or we will cut the quantity you want.

Price: $ 5.95/lb.

Voget's Chipped Beef

Well trimmed beef rounds are dry rubbed and cured for two to three weeks before smoking with genuine hardwood smoke and then sliced thin ('chipped'). Delicious for snack food, creamed chipped beef, and hors d'oeuvres.

$ 11.50/lb. ( one or more lbs.),
½ lb. $6.15 |
¼ lb. $ 3.25

Voget's Smoked Turkey

Hardwood smoke, a touch of garlic and tender goodness make these young hens a delightful treat for lunch, dinner, snacks, or
hor d'oeuvres. Available bone-in or boneless; ½ or whole.

Bone-in ( 10 – 12 lbs.) $ 3.75/lb.,
Boneless ( 7 – 9 lbs.) $ 6.05/lb. 
Let us process venison for you: (503) 981-6271
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